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We appreciate your participation in this important market research study. As part of our studies, we typically collect certain systems and device data which is used for analytical and fraud prevention purposes, and other information you may choose to share, such as demographic information and occasionally, a name, email address, and photo, video and audio, all of which is used to conduct the research study. By clicking “Accept” you agree to keep the contents of the study strictly confidential, and further agree that to the extent you supply or we collect any personal data about you as part of the study, we may (i) use it ourselves in connection with our conduct of the study, (ii) share it with third parties assisting us with the study, who may use it solely in connection with their work on the study, or (iii) share it with the client commissioning the study, who may use it in connection with its business. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy and our Your Data, Your Rights Portal.