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WeedWeek is excited to announce the formation of a new group of cannabis experts and influencers: WeedWeek Council. We are currently searching for a select group of founding members.

What does this mean and how do I become part of it?

So much of the green rush doesn’t make it into the media - it’s the scuttlebutt at the latest conference or a quiet discussion between colleagues. WeedWeek Council aims to bring readers the latest thinking from top minds and experienced professionals.

Here’s how it works: In partnership with the market research firm SoapBoxSample

WeedWeek is assembling a group of about 25-30 individuals to start, representing a diversity of location and expertise. About two times a month, they will receive a short (5-minutes or less) survey on a topic in the news. WeedWeek editors will read the council members’ responses, and share key insights in our newsletters.

Council members will be selected through a competitive process and will receive perks. For starters:
  1. Access to the raw data collected by the WW Council surveys.
  2. An exclusive monthly “consumer pulse” data snapshot from SoapBoxSample.
  3. Council members will be recognized and listed on the WeedWeek site, if they so choose.
  4. Council members will receive an Ambassador Seal for use on your website, social and printed materials identifying yourself as a cannabis thought leader.
We will always respect council members’ privacy. Responses will be default anonymous, with the option to submit quotes on the record for publication.

Want to join WeedWeek Council? Click "Continue" to apply!

The first council members will be notified by May 3rd.